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Applaud Cloud
Extend Applaud on Oracle E-Business Solution using cloud based features.

Applaud Cloud is optional – our solutions for Oracle E-Business Suite will still work standalone but you’ll miss out on some cutting edge features that embellish our portfolio.

Push Notifications

Your smartphone gets pinged multiple times per day for all sorts of reasons: SMS messages, sports results, breaking news, Facebook updates. But what about things you need to do in your day job as manager, such as approve requests submitted by your team?

When you connect to Applaud Cloud Services, mobile applications from Applaud support ‘push notifications’: worklist approvals send messages straight to your smartphone home screen allowing users to approve or reject transactions immediately, increasing efficiency of business processes within your organization.

Our native app even supports icon badges – encouraging managers to delve in and see what they have to action.

Push Notifications from Oracle E-Business Suite Mobile Apps via Applaud Cloud
Brand it your way

Configure Your Own Branding

Use Applaud Cloud Services to create your own custom style sheet which enables you to;

  • upload your brand logo and favicon
  • colourise UI components
  • change typography – including custom web fonts

All branding is completed through a simple front end interface which allows you to preview your changes before publishing.

No more disparate experiences – we delivery everything you need to ensure your new desktop and mobile experience complements your corporate brand.

Google Analytics Integration

So you want to increase user adoption of Oracle Self Service as well as provide mobile access? Over the past few years have helped many Oracle E-Business Suite customers deploy an improved user experience for their employees and managers.

But once you go live, how do you measure the success of the project and the behaviour of your users. Do you have more access via Mobile or Desktop?

Connect to Applaud Cloud Services and you can use the incredibly powerful (and free) tools from Google to track all sorts of statistics, from the number of unique users down to the IP address and location of access through to the device and operating system being used.


Sometimes it’s the seemingly little things that make a huge difference.

Hostname Mapping

Solutions from Applaud connect to your existing Oracle E-Business Suite instance. That means the app needs to know the URL where EBS resides.

When deploying moble apps, first impressions count and no end user wants to type in a long, convoluted URL in order to use an app for the first time.

Connect to Applaud Cloud and we’ll map your domain name or company name to your EBS URL, allowing users to simply type in information such as their work email address in order to setup a connection to your on-premise system.

Less first time failed logins = higher user adoption.

Phone and Email Validation

It’s frustrating having to type in your email address twice into forms, and more frustrating to find you’ve typed or Connect to Applaud Cloud Services, and we provide a hook to validate email addresses typed in and flag potential errors to the user before they are saved.

Also planned is similar checks to validate phone number entry, ensuring your HR data is clean and correct.

Build your own forms to capture information from the user, then call either your own custom APIs or Oracle APIs to save data into your own tables or other functional areas of Oracle E-Business Suite.

These features help prevent errors and reduce support.

Custom App Icon

Brand and Deploy our Native Apps

If you are a customer on the Professional or Enterprise tier then you also have access to download our native mobile files, allowing you to rename them, swap in your own app logo and push to your internal MDM/MAM platform.

Brand. Deploy. Enjoy!

Subscription Management

No-one likes to pay for something they don’t really need. Worker based licensing – so common with HR software procurement – often encourages customers to ‘play it safe’ by  buying unnecessary licenses to cover their entire workforce rather than the users that will be accessing the software.


Subscribe via Applaud Cloud Services to take advantage of user based pricing and monitor your seat usage online.

Alerts and on-screen messages will trigger when you approach your license threshold, giving you peace of mind that you only need to subscribe the number of seats you need for your initial deployment, with plenty of warning given if you need to increase your coverage.