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Applaud Self Service HR for Oracle E-Business Suite

Your HTML5 experience on Oracle E-Business Suite starts here with Applaud Foundation

Applaud Foundation is a common set of features used across all our solutions as a baseline.

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Our user experience solutions are built using the latest HTML5 technology and responsive design principals.

Configure once and see the changes reflected immediately across desktop, tablet and smartphones. Enjoy the same beautifully designed screens on any device that has a modern web browser. No more disparate experiences, no more out of sync data and no more frustrated users!

Our solutions deliver delighted, engaged users and happy implementation teams!

Applaud Foundation
Applaud Oracle E-Business Suite apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone

Native Apps

Our web apps are complemented by native apps for iOS, Android and Windows devices.

Native apps deliver all the same features of our web apps but are extended with native features such as push notifications, access to device cameras, badges and other common mobile features.

Advanced customers also have access to our app files to brand the app icon and app name.

Custom Homepage

Once your users have logged on, they can land at a configurable home page where you can plug in your own HTML content such as:

  • Custom images and adverts
  • Videos (inc. support for Youtube embeds)
  • Quick links (i.e to other apps, intranet etc.)
  • Twitter feed
  • RSS news feeds
  • Charts
  • Plus a wide rnage of other HTML content
Custom Homepage Dashboard

Use our highly flexible HTML5 technology to deliver custom content to your users.

Company announcements; changes of policy; useful links to HR documentation; links to intranet pages or other related applications. Complement your company information with one touch HR information like the worker’s absence balance or latest pay information.

Applaud on iPad


Every Applaud product comes with a facility that allows you to search and filter for people based on any information held against their HR Record, including Department, Location, Skills, Qualifications and more.

Want to change the search so you can find people based on a custom flexfield or some other segment of information? No problem, simple configuration lets you search on any field within Oracle. Secure search fields, like grade and performance rating, can be setup for Administrators and Managers.

Much more than an Employee Directory.

Employee Profile

Create a completely configurable portrait of your workers. Upload photos, show employment and contact information, display work location.

Your workers can also upload a brief biography & ‘tag’ themselves with key skills and hobbies. In doing so, employees are increasing their visibility to the business and enhancing opportunities to be involved in new projects and even promotions opportunities.

Everything added is completely searchable in our powerful search!

Mobile Approvals

Our number #1 request – managers want to approve or reject notifications from their mobile devices.

Our mobile approval module displays a user’s entire worklist on their mobile device with no restriction on processes supported. Managers can mass approve Multiple requests in one click. All actions generate push notifications to users’ mobile devices; immediately notifying them that action is pending.

Approve every transaction type in Oracle: HR, Expenses, Requisitions – even your custom workflows!

Say goodbye to the unpopular and cumbersome Oracle E-Business Suite Navigator!

Applaud Foundation delivers context sensitive menus that allow you to navigate to anywhere in Oracle without any responsibility switching, with one menu giving access to both employee and manager options.

Within any other screen, you can set up user friendly icons to redirect users to other pages within Applaud; to any standard Oracle page; to any other URL including intranet links. You can also set up links to redirect your users to other systems, such as Recruitment or Benefits providers.