Applaud Highlights of the Month

Applaud Feature Highlights of the Month

Each month, we highlight the key developments that we have achieved across all our products.

At Applaud Solutions, we aim to constantly update and innovate our products, pushing them forward to reach their maximum potential. Being agile with the constantly evolving technological world is vital to meet customer demands and needs.

March 2018

Applaud towers are working on bring some exciting new capabilities to our Timecard product.  Watch this space!  For now, March 2018 is largely a maintenance release with a vast number of stability improvements and bug-fixes.

February 2018

February 2018 brings two great things:

1) See your projected leave balance whilst you’re requesting time off, and

2) Enjoy Applaud HCM on the iPhone X with glorious full-screen display.

There’s also a couple of form usability improvements and a healthy dose of bug-fixes.

January 2018

Our worklist users will be delighted with a long-awaited worklist feature:

Update Action via Applaud pages: Now, approvers of any workflow created in Applaud pages can use Update Action to directly edit transactions in Applaud pages, and right alongside other actions such as Approve or Return for Correction.

There’s more: Our absence + Outlook/calendar integration is now included in your Self Service HR license (use away!) and manager change pay can support multiple pay components.

We’re sure you’ll agree that’s a promising start to 2018!

December 2017

Applaud’s December software release was focussed on a topic that helps global organisations better reach their local employees: internationalisation (elegantly shortened to i18n).

We now deliver translations for all seeded text without the need for any additional patches and without increasing install times.  Better than that: customers can now use Applaud Cloud Platform to automatically translate their own labels, text and configuration into multiple languages using our latest AI-based language processing that boasts near-human accuracy.

Oh and don’t miss the 4 enhancements to our Applaud Performance product!

November 2017

Our November 2017 release is another huge release.

Our all-new HTML5 Org Chart is one of the most beautiful things we’ve ever created: its mobile-first, visually stunning with gorgeous animations and packed full of neat touches, like the position hierarchy view. And it works out the box with zero configuration.

We also have further improvements to the worklist, with improved Return for Correction support and an ‘Open in Oracle’ option; support for assignment-level Extra Information Types; and a revamped mini-hierarchy block.

There’s 19 enhancements in total – check out the release notes to see everything.

You can read all about the updates in our latest software release.

We have lots to come in the New Year, so keep an eye out!

October 2017

Our October 2017 release includes new Applaud Cloud platform services and enhanced integration with E-Business Suite.

Topping that list is ultra-fast real-time embedded Business Intelligence, which allows mobile and desktop charts and visualisations to present huge data sets spanning multiple enterprise systems.

It also features new Artificial Intelligence services, including chatbots, and 9 other enhancements spanning all product lines.

Find out more in our latest software release which you can now download.

September 2017

It looks like our development organization was well rested during the August holiday season: September was, by some margin, our biggest ever release featuring new time and absence capabilities, a revamped worklist and updated competency support in our performance product.

It’s taken 6 months+ of gruelling work to unleash our all-new time and absence module.  It boasts an integrated, interactive calendar at its core, real-time business intelligence, manager and team dashboards and streamlined but powerful new transactional pages.  It’s a SaaS-beater; check out our recorded webinar for details.

We’ve also packed in our all-new worklist module featuring vacation rules, worklist access, notification faceted search and an improved response system.  There’s no other E-Business worklist app out there that can handle ALL notifications, and none that do it so well.

Finally, our performance management module includes updated competency support so you can seamlessly integrate competency management as part of your performance review process.

Time to take another holiday — if only!

You can read all about the updates in our latest software release

August 2017

August’s release was a productive month – You can read all about the updates in our latest software release

Our focus for this month is globalization, including support for the Islamic Calendar on desktop and mobile and improved multi-lingual support.  It packs in 7 other customer-driven enhancements, such as custom regex validation on form fields, together with a generous splattering of usability and stability fixes.

July 2017

July’s release is a big one – our biggest ever in terms of story-point velocity! You can find out more from our latest software release.

It’s almost impossible to believe we can achieve so much in 31 days!  Here’s the highlights:

July 2017’s release puts mobile users first, boasting support for iOS Touch Id (fingerprint login) and 3D Touch out-the-box.  There’s also 7 new customer-requested features in our Performance product, such as auto saving of goal comments and ratings, an improved manager year-end experience, and better handling of supervisor changes.  It also bundles 10 other new features and the usual round of fixes and other minor improvements.

It’s also the 5th month we’ve been running our revamped agile sprints, featuring continuous integration, nightly builds, cross-browsing testing and unit test automation.  Congratulations to each and every one of your for your superb contributions!  If you are interested to know more about this, please read Shailesh’s blog about about continuous integration.

June 2017

June’s release puts users first, with faster load times and speedier transactions throughout, more details can be found within our latest release, which you can now download here.

It also includes 17 customer-driven enhancements across Foundation, Self Service, Performance, Studio and Recruitment, and a bunch of bug-fixes and stability improvements.

Finally, that awesome list searching and filtering enhancement we shared in May can now be configured for your own custom lists right inside Studio.

More to come in July, hope you’re looking forward to it!

May 2017

May was an active month with many updated features within our latest software download, which you can now download here.

This release includes 12 new features covering all our product lines, easier personalization through Applaud Studio and approximately 30+ fixes.

However, the main update of the month is the most requested feature from our customers:

  • All new Absence balance chart. This includes the ability to specify the date at which you wish to see the balances, support for multiple assignments and for multiple accrual plan enrollments..

We have lots to come in June, so keep an eye out!

April 2017

April was an exciting month with significant new features arriving with our latest release, which you can now download here.

This release delivers 20 great new features across every one of our products, performance improvements and a splattering of welcome bug-fixes.

Notable new features: 

  • List filtering, searching and sorting.  This is big!  Every single one of our HTML5 lists (including flexible lists) have new configuration options that allows administrators to configure search, filters and sorts.  Think absence type, category or approval status on your absence listing; or enrolment status on a list of training courses.
  • Worklist search!  Users can quickly filter their notifications using a simple search box – a much demanded feature from our customers and end-users.
  • All forms now automatically autosave for a short period of time.  That means if you accidentally close a window or press the wrong button you don’t have to re-enter it all again.

Watch this space for more to come in May!

March 2017

March was a productive month in the Applaud Development towers!  Here’s our highlights:

  • We’ve updated our self service payslip to work with your existing custom payslip template and this works right out-the-box for a rapid deployment.  That means your users will continue to see an identical-looking payslip (your company logo and colors) with all the Applaud benefits, such as mobile access.
  • Rating and reviewing goals during mid year and end-of-year performance reviews is now even easier: managers can quickly view employee comments, rate and add their own comments in a simple, consolidated user-experience
  • When building your own customer self service forms using Applaud Studio you can now include a rating field, such as a star rating.  You can even choose the icons and colors if you want to get really fancy – think blue thumbs up!
  • You now get a choice of two views in your desktop and tablet search results: the existing grid view plus a new list view – perfect for when you’ve got a little more information you want to present.
  • The regular plethora of performance, stability and minor user experience improvements.

Stay tuned for some really cool stuff coming in April!

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