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Applaud Performance Management - Rich UX for goal management and full cycle performance management

Motivate your employees, retain top talent and achieve better results with Applaud Performance

Improve quality of reviews, align workers with your company objectives, encourage continuous collaboration and increase completion rates.

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Feature Highlights

Performance Cycle

Performance Plans

Performance Plans

Use Applaud Performance to design a process that’s right for you; one that will motivates employees through continuous feedback cycles, inspires them to achieve their very best and helps you retain top talent.

Performance Plans provide an easy yet powerful way to model your talent processes in just the right way, and then publish these to multiple channels so that your employees enjoy a personalized experience that helps focus on their achievements, day in, day out.

Goals, Objectives and Competencies

Goals, Objectives and Competencies

Not all performance cycles are the same but most start with a goal and objective setting phase.

Applaud Performance allows employees, managers and matrix structures to collaborate in defining objectives and competency targets for the upcoming cycle. Goals can be cascaded from senior management and aligned bottom-up. They can be weighted or aligned to your Balanced Scorecard.

Goals and competencies can be updated all year round and continual 360 and matrix feedback is encouraged.

Applaud Cloud Performance

Performance Reviews

Performance Reviews

Whether your process is a mid-year and end of year review, continuous feedback, or something custom to you, Applaud Performance allows you to model your review process so it’s just the way you want it.  You can set how reviews are structured, who will participate and when they need to do it by.

You can configure your own questionnaires to capture specific questions or feedback that you need and you can have separate questionnaires for employees, managers, peers and matrix providers.

Finally, the sign-off procedure can be as simple as a single signature or as complex as multiple approval chains.



The problem with relying on end of year reviews is the manager forgets achievements made at the beginning of the performance cycle. Applaud Performance provides options to capture continuous feedback; comments from managers, peers or other internal customers regarding how someone has helped them or performed well in their day to day duties. Continuous feedback can be left against a particular objective or just informally against a worker’s profile, helping employees stay motivated and inspired throughout the year.

Managers can review any continuous feedback left during the formal review periods which supplements the formal questionnaires, leading to a more rounded and fair appraisal by the time the end of year review comes along.

Applaud Cloud Performance Management Feedback

Identify talent within your organization

Applaud Cloud HCM App Performance Management

Talent search

Talent and Profile Search

Workers can define their online profile which can include informal content such as a Biography, Skills, Interests and Hobbies, complemented with more formal content such as competencies and qualifications.

Any information uploaded to the Talent Profile can then be discovered via a powerful faceted search facility; search for a skill or qualification and then filter by location or job code. Particularly useful for project managers looking to fulfil an open role, or organizations that have to ensure qualified individuals take up particular roles. 

Succession planning

Succession Planning

Managers or your Talent Management team can define a list of potential successors for key individuals. You can define succession information like potential, readiness and if the successor would need to be promoted. 

Once you have your key performers identified and a succession plan in place, track successors via the worker profile. 

Manager dashboards

Manager Dashboards

Managers get access to a dashboard that quickly lets them see the status of review completion within the team. Charts display who’s started, who’s in progress and who needs encouraging to start. A useful chart summarises the spread of competencies within the team and a manager digest delivers a daily update of team activity. 

Available on multiple channels, the dashboard gives managers simplified access regardless of where they are or what device they use.

More Features

Applaud Performance is built on Applaud Cloud Platform and delivers an engaging employee experience across multiple channels.

OPM Not Required

No need for Oracle Performance Management Licenses

OPM Not Required

Applaud Performance integrates directly with your Oracle Core HR and reuse some core components like the Oracle competency framework.

There is no need to procure Oracle Performance Management in order to enjoy Applaud Performance.

Performance Admin

Take control. Model performance cycles and the review process

Performance Admin

Our simplified setup helps talent teams to control and model performance cycles and the review process.

Configure rules around which group of workers should be enrolled in a performance plan, or write your own rules to automatically calculate final ratings.


Create personalized and meaningful employee experiences


Applaud Performance provides a custom branded, personalized employee experience.

Change the content based on the employee, adjust the colors and styling, embed rich text and add links and videos to support your processes.

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