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Applaud Self Service HR for Oracle E-Business Suite

A simplified desktop and mobile user experience for your employees and managers.

Increase user adoption, data quality and the credibility of your HR function. Reduce time to approve, system errors and support calls to your helpdesk.

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National Trust

“Just to say a massive well done. The new version is a different world – already getting great feedback from the team.”

Hilary McGrady
Director of Operations and Consultancy, National Trust

Feature highlights

People are at the centre of what we do, that’s why we’ve developed a solution that enhances user engagement, productivity and collaboration.

Mobile Payslips

We love our mobile payslip. Reading directly from Oracle payroll, our mobile payslip design is carefully designed for smartphone use, allowing you to view past payslips; see balances, such as net pay; drill into the detail to see the breakdown.

You can also generate a printable payslip from your mobile device, which can be fully branded to meet your corporate look and feel. If you are still mailing out physical payslips to your field workers, this feature is a massive cost saver that can single handedly generate a compelling business case for mobile.

View your payslip on your smartphone with Applaud for Oracle E-Business Suite

Applaud Absence Calendar for Oracle E-Business Suite on smartphone


Requesting and approving absence is often the highest volume transaction within your HR system. Our UI supports all possible absence configuration; view PTO Accruals enhanced with embedded Google Charts; link to internal policy documents; view absences pending approval; request absence using a simplified UI.

If you still have field workers submitting absence requests via paper forms, stop right now. Mobile Absence delivers a return on investment all on its own.

Personal Information

Personal Information

We make it easy for users to maintain their basic information to ensure it is accurate and up to date.

Updates to personal details, phone numbers, addresses, emergency contacts are all supported. Datetrack updates and approvals are also supported.

Mobile support is particularly important for workers who do not have regular office access; incorrect addresses and emergency contact details are one of the most common data challenges HR Teams have to contend with when the organization has workers in the field.

Employee Profile

Employee Profile

Create a completely configurable portrait of your workers. Upload photos; show employment and contact information; take a quick view of the supervisor tree.

Your workers can also upload a brief biography & ‘tag’ themselves with key skills and hobbies. Bonus: anything added is completely searchable in our powerful search facility.

Finally, leave ‘anytime feedback’ for peers, team members or anyone else in the organization. A simple social-style way to quickly provide public or private feedback to a co-worker.

Org Chart with position, department & vacancy support

Everyone loves an Org Chart. The fastest way to get managers to tell you something’s wrong with your HR Data – get them to look at a visual organization structure.

Unlike most org charts – including the one available in 12.2 and Cloud HCM – ours supports not just supervisor charts, but department and position structures too. Vacancies from iRecruitment can also be viewed in the Chart.

Fully configurable, you can display unlimited tabs of information within each node, as well as embed HTML content and formatting for an eye catching experience.

Mobile Worklist Approvals for Oracle E-Business Suite

Mobile Approvals. Our number #1 request – managers want to approve or reject notifications from their mobile devices.

Our mobile approval module displays a user’s entire worklist on their mobile device with no restriction on processes supported. The app allows for mass approval of multiple requests in one click.

Users can approve expenses & requisitions as well as all HR transactions. Every single transaction in Oracle is supported, including any custom workflows you have built.

Full support for Extra and Special Information Types

We can support any EIT or SIT processes on your Self Service menu including calling any customer validation, workflow or approvals you have built.

Many of our customers have over 10 critical processes modelled with these flexible constructs;
we are proud to support them fully.

Company Property EIT

Car Loan

Business Trip or Duty Travel EIT

Duty Travel / Mission Requests

Certificate SIT

Employment Certificates

ID Badge EIT

ID Badges

Letter Request

Letter Requests

Banqueting Allowance SIT

Banquet Requests

If you have a Self Service menu crammed with EIT and SIT processes, we’ve got you covered.
And don’t forget that these are all supported on Mobile too!

More Features

We’re adding new features all the time – here’s a few more.



Maintain your qualifications


Maintain your professional and education based qualifications; upload supporting documents and submit for approval if required.

Qualifications can be made public and also searchable using our worker search facility, so if you are looking for someone with a particular certification, this feature can rid you of cumbersome in-house reports.

Bank Details

Bank Details

Update your Personal Payment Methods

Bank Details

Enter and maintain your bank details and payment methods, including the payment type and amount to be credited to each account. Multiple payment methods supported.

Supported on mobile, this is another great cost saver to reduce the amount of paper forms submitted by new starters as part of the onboarding process.

History Views

History Views

Out of the box or create your own

History Views

We deliver ‘history views’ for Assignment, Salary, Training & Performance.

You can also create your own views through powerful configuration capability. Options are available to make the lists interesting with the ability to embed icons, rating indicators, timelines and images. A library of assets is provided to get you started.

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