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Applaud Self Service HR for Oracle E-Business Suite

Digitize processes and increase engagement, productivity and teamwork

Support your digital transformation and free HR for value-added work. Applaud Self Service HR provides simplified 24×7 access to your people services across multiple channels.

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National Trust

“Just to say a massive well done. The new version is a different world – already getting great feedback from the team.”

Hilary McGrady
Director of Operations and Consultancy, National Trust

Feature Highlights

Deliver next-generation employee and manager experiences using Applaud Cloud Platform with Self Service HR.  Measure success with quantifiable benefits and a fast ROI.

Applaud Cloud - Engaging Employee Experiences for HCM and HR

Social profle

Social Profile

Deliver a unified, 360-degree view of your workforce with Applaud’s social profile.  Design a compelling and contextual portrait of your internal talent, boost employee engagement and promote collaboration.

Your workers can set a brief biography & ‘tag’ themselves with key skills and hobbies. Bonus: anything added is completely searchable in our powerful search facility.

Finally, leave ‘anytime feedback’ for peers, team members or anyone else in the organization. A simple social-style way to quickly provide public or private feedback to a co-worker.

Social profle

Personal Information

Satisfy data privacy laws and ensure sensitive and personal information is always up-to-date and accessible to its owner.

Employees can view and set personal details, phone numbers, addresses, emergency contacts and beneficiaries — 24×7 regardless of their work location and choice of device.

Proactively prompt workers to review key personal information and confirm the details on record are accurate.

Absence calendar

Absence, Leave and Entitlements

Provide employees with rich visualizations of their entitlement balances and absence trends. Simplify leave and absence entry at any work location and on any device and sync with Outlook calendars.

Boost managers’ productivity with tools that provide a holistic view of their team, such as interactive absence calendars, Bradford-factor sickness and entitlement liabilities.

Applaud Cloud push notifications
manager notifications

Manager Approvals

Execute business processes more quickly by allowing managers to receive push notifications and view and action workflow en mass from anywhere on any device.

Users can receive and action all enterprise workflows including:

  • HR
  • expenses
  • purchase orders
  • even custom workflows.


Delight your employees with immediate and simplified 24×7 access to their current and past payslips on multiple channels.  Eliminate the cost and effort of printing and mailing paper-based slips.

Help employees with financial references by allowing them to export their payslip to PDF or print using AirPrint and Google Cloud Print.

View your payslip anytime, anywhere with Applaud Cloud
Workforce vizualization

Workforce Visualization

Streamline business processes and eliminate expensive workflow routing errors by letting managers view and update their supervisor, position and cost center hierarchies.

Applaud’s workforce visualizations are beautiful, engaging and mobile-first; they provide users with fresh insights into workforce structures, inefficiencies and bad data..

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HR Forms

Digitize paper-based forms and automate business processes with custom forms and configurable workflow and approvals.

Use Applaud Cloud platform to quickly re-house your existing Oracle forms, such as Extra Information Types (EITs) and Special Information Type (SITs).

For example:

Letter Request

Letter Requests

Certificate SIT

Employment Certificates

Company Property EIT

Car Loan

ID Badge EIT

ID Badges

Business Trip or Duty Travel EIT

Duty Travel / Mission Requests

Banqueting Allowance SIT

Banquet Requests

More Features

Extend employee experiences with these additional examples:

(plus a wealth of over 300 other features we couldn’t list here. )

employee views

Employee Views

Out-the-box views for salary, performance, job and training.

Employee Views

Provide employees with comprehensive out-the-box views of salary, performance, job and learning.

Spot historical trends and inspire future performance.



Utilize existing talent through qualification management.


Maintain your professional and education-based qualifications.

Eliminate cumbersome in-house reports by featuring qualifications on the employee profile and in the faceted search.


Bank Details

Manage bank details and payment methods.

Bank Details

Simplify the on-boarding process and automate paper-based forms.

Employees can manage their bank details and personal payment methods on any device from any location.

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