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Applaud Cloud Time and Payments

Improve productivity and automate processes with Applaud Time & Payments

Multi-channel time-tracking for employees, managers and time administrators.

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Feature Highlights

Applaud Time Calendar

Time Tracking

Clock in and out using personal or company-sponsored mobile devices and use Applaud’s geofencing controls to ensure employee’s are at their work location.

Improve employee productivity through rapid time entry en masse; copy time from previous periods or set up a repeating schedule.

Boost managers’ productivity with tools that provide a holistic view of their team, such as interactive time and absence calendars, mass timecard approvals and time exceptions.

Applaud Cloud Time
Applaud Time Analtyics


Free time-keepers for value-added tasks and boost manager productivity using our purpose-built dashboards with user-configurable dynamic employee groups.

At the hub of Applaud Time & Payments is its interactive time and absence calendar and scheduler, featuring multiple views (agenda, day, week, month and annual views), filtering, dragging and dropping and multi-select approvals.

This is complemented by rich visualizations, such as timecard period summaries, Bradford-factor sickness and entitlement liabilities, so that your managers and time keepers have access to time data anytime, anywhere.

Applaud Cloud rapid time entry

Mass Time Entry

Employees can rapidly enter time by copying previous timecard periods or by logging time with a repeating schedule — a bit like you’d setup a recurring meeting in Outlook.

Time keepers take this to another level and can log time for multiple people in a single transaction — also with a repeating schedule. Hundreds of time entries can be created in seconds. Time keepers can seamlessly swap between user-configured dynamic employee groups to manage time for different sets of people.

More than just time

More Than Just Time

It’s not all about time.  The ‘Payments’ in Applaud Time & Payments allows employees to log mileage, travel allowances, overtime payments and other information that you want to feed to payroll.

Powered by Applaud Cloud Platform’s form builder, time entry has a configurable and flexible layout: you can capture different data fields for different payment types, change labels, set required fields and other types of validation and approval rules.

Applaud Time Payment Multi Channel Time and Payments with integrated AI


Applaud Time and Payments is powered by Applaud Cloud Platform and outputs to multiple devices and platforms and multiple deployment methods.

Automate paper-based processes, eliminate manual entry, free HR for value-added tasks, increasing workforce productivity and reduce payroll errors.

Cut costs and reduce missed clocks by combining BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies with Applaud Time & Payment’s geofencing capabilities that turn employee’s personal mobile devices into portable time clocks.

More Features

Here’s a small selection of additional features you may want to know about Applaud Time and Payments:

Oracle Time & Labor

Optional integration with Oracle Time & Labor (OTL)

Oracle Time & Labor

Applaud Time and Payments uses Applaud Cloud Platform to connect to your existing Oracle HCM system.

It has pre-built integration for Oracle Time & Labor (OTL) users.  If you don’t have OTL, no problem — it’s optional.

Multiple Assignments

Designed to support employees with multiple jobs

Multiple Assignments

Applaud Time and Payment has been designed from beginning to end to support employees who have more than one job.

Whether it’s time-clocked or time logged by hand, employees get the option to pick the job the time relates to for each entry.


Push and email notifications


Employees, managers and time keepers receive push and email notifications for time tracking events.

Email notifications use rich text to provide enough information for approvers to take immediate action.

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