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Applaud Time and Payments


An easy to use, mobile friendly, time entry system with fast approval and tight integration to Oracle Payroll.

Realize process efficiencies, cut costs, improve data quality, reduce payroll errors and improve the user experience.

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Feature highlights

Rapid & Intelligent Time Entry

Workers enjoy a new easy-to-use interface which has been streamlined to ensure time entry can be made as quickly as possible. No fussiness over time formats – enter 9a, 9.00, 9, 9:00 and the system knows what you mean. Enter 9am as a start time and the system knows ‘5’ means 17:00.

Workers who work regular hours each week can copy an entire timecard from a previous week in one click. Got a co-worker you’re taking over from? Copy their timecard into yours as a template.

Applaud Time and Payments

Manager / Timekeeper Dashboard

Reviewing and approving time can be as tedious for managers as entering it is for the worker. We deliver a beautiful calendar based dashboard that allows managers and timekeepers to visually review time that’s pending approval, returned or approved.

Approvers can bulk approve the entire team’s time in one click, or approve individual time cards. Further, approvers can drill into individual time cards and approve or return at an individual time entry level, with approved entries going onto payroll whilst the returned ones are reviewed.

The approval options streamline the entry to pay process. Your managers, workers and payroll administrators will thank you.

Enter time on mobile

Mobile Time Entry

Applaud Time and Payments comes with a smartphone app for iPhone, Android and Blackberry (Windows Phone coming soon).

Workers can enter time on their mobile devices; copy previous time cards; review previous timecards; check the approval status of submitted time. Managers can review submitted time and approve in bulk for the entire team or at an individual level.

Mobile Time Entry can be the #1 cost saver for those organizations that still have manual processes for field workers. Reduce paper, reduce cost, go mobile.

Enter payments and allowances

It’s not all about time. Our module integrates directly to Oracle Payroll, so any pay related information can be entered and approved via the same interface.

Log mileage, travel allowances, overtime payments and any other information that you want to feed into Oracle Payroll. Payments can be entered by Administrators, Managers or Employees and routed onto the relevant approver using rules you configure.

Lose those paper forms and record time & payments in one delightful user interface.

Payment Options

Mass Time Entry

So you have workers that do not have a Self Service account or access to desktop PCs. Nor have you got a mobile strategy in place yet. You still need to collect time and get administrators to enter it into the system. We’ve got you covered.

Time and Payments comes with an interface designed for administrators who need to get time data into the system as quickly as possible. Quickly enter time in an grid-like interface and tab through multiple team members for additional speed.

Mobile Clocking

We think our time entry screen is pretty quick to use. But sometimes, workers need a one-click solution.

Our Clock In / Clock Out interface can be optionally enabled for workers who simply have to register when they turn up for work and then again when they leave.

Sign in, press a big green button and the worker is ‘clocked in’, with the start time defaulted from the system clock. Clock out with a single big red button.

It’s easy, it’s quick, it’s what your workers want.

We’ve even have geo-fencing support in case you want to enforce distance based rules for clocking in on a mobile device.

More Features

We built Time and Payments to overcome many restrictions seen in Oracle Time and Labor. Here are a few examples.

OTL Not Required

OTL Not Required

No need for Oracle Time and Labour Licenses

OTL Not Required

Applaud Time and Payments integrates directly with Oracle Core HR and Payroll. There is no need to procure Oracle Time and Labor in order to enjoy a new desktop experience and mobile time entry.

Using Oracle Time and Labour? Contact us to learn about our future plans for OTL support.


Multi-Assignment Support

No need to be constrained to primary assignments

Multi-Assignment Support

Time and Payment entry can be made against individual assignments. Choose the assignment the time should be logged for and all entries and approvals will be linked to that assignment.

No need to be constrained to primary assignments and all the payroll workarounds that causes.


Rich Notifications

Oracle notifications are boring. Applaud notifications are beautiful.

Rich Notifications

To complete the experience, email notifications sent by Time and Payments are designed with the same care as the user interface.

Rich, customizable HTML notifications let an approver know exactly what they need to do in what can often be a difficult approval decision.

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