Applaud’s plans for 2018

Applaud’s Plans for 2018

Well, 2017 flew by. For some, the end of the year is a time of reflection. For us, it’s a time for us to look ahead to new product delivery we can excite our customers with.

Here’s some of the new delivery we are committed to deliver in the New Year.


In 2017, we launched our Applaud Cloud. In 2018, we start launching products that take advantage of it. First up is the capability to do real time, embedded analytics using Elastic Search; the same sort of tech magic that powers Google and Amazon.

As someone who’s worked with the Oracle database for 20 years – and wrestled with many an under performant SQL statement – the new Cloud based services we have developed veer on the mystical. The speed is phenomenal, genuinely unbelievable for someone used to waiting 10 or more seconds for even mildly complex queries to run on Oracle.

I’ve seen charts render rollup stats for hundreds of thousands of records in a fraction of a second and instantly embed the results in our Applaud pages for managers and employees. Impressive KPIs such as ‘cost of overtime across the enterprise’ and ‘Sickness by organization’ are suddenly easy to generate – and fast.

More exciting – our platform is going to support taking data from other systems such as Cloud HCM and Taleo, enabling cross ERP analytics to be generated and viewed from within manager and administrator dashboards.

AI and Chatbots

The current darling of bloggers and analysts everywhere, will AI and Chatbots be a fad that fades away like Social HR or will it stick and be an essential component of your HR strategy?

We’re betting on the latter but only if AI offers real value to the business. Assuming you have an easy to use system like Applaud, is there really any value of having a virtual assistant give the same information that the user can obtain in a couple of clicks? Maybe. More interesting is an AI that can serve up policy information, or interpret more complex requests that aren’t necessarily easy to get out of Self Service.

The real business driver is whether chatbots can help reduce your HR Service costs. If you have a shared service center helping people reset their passwords, answering queries on maternity policy or answering queries on pay, then chatbots offer a ripe opportunity for cutting costs and improving the service you provide to your workers.

HTML5 & Mobile Org Chart

Our Flash based Org Chart served us well and it’s rich, interactive features helped make it one of our customers’ favourite features. It still holds up favourably against the newest charts you see in Cloud HCM or Workday, displaying Position and Department charts as well as person reporting lines.

Still, it would be nice to get it on a smartphone or tablet. We’ve been working on a new HTML5 Org Chart that is faster, more responsive and, finally, available on Mobile.

First release will be available within days of the publication of this blog. A sneak peek is below!

Even more Awesome Manager Self Service

We released comprehensive Manager Self Service functionality last year, including the common flows like Change Assignment, Change Pay and Change Manager.

We’ve recently been implementing our Manager screens with some large, global customers and their input has helped us elevate a great solution to an even higher level. Some of the features we’re releasing in 2018 include:

  • Questionnaire based flows: Ask managers what they want to do rather than bombard them with lots of on screen fields
  • Mass Update: Moving everyone to a different office? Update their assignment in one click
  • New dashboard to highlight ‘in-flight’ transactions and block off further data entry to avoid multiple pending changes clashing
  • Improved ‘checkout’ page to review before and after changes
  • Intuitive support for multiple assignments

Other Enhancements

We have a bunch of other enhancements to work through too. Our screens for internal recruiters are going to be redesigned, converted to be mobile friendly and offer faster ways for recruiters to create vacancies, sift and review candidates, communicate with applicants, make offers.

Other new features on our Roadmap including support for Assignment EITs, exporting lists to Excel, Matrix Managers for Performance Reviews, Face ID support for lucky owners of the iPhone X.

Our software releases are made on the last working day of each month, bookmark our release page here (login required) and keep checking back to see which features are released each month.

Happy New Year!

This year has been a record year for us in terms of new product delivery. Next year is going to be busier. We can’t wait.

From all the Applaud team, best wishes for the festive period and we look forward to working with you in 2018.

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