Chatbots & AI – The new generation of Self-Service User Experience

Chatbots & AI – The new generation of Self-Service User Experience

With chatbots becoming increasingly popular in today’s modern society, why can’t it have a place in modern business?

We use the likes of Amazon’s Alexa to control smart home functions and Google Assistant, or Siri, to help us on the go. With this functionality and convenience of using our voice to perform simple tasks so we can focus more important things, why can’t this be adopted in HR self-service?

For simple service requests such as “When will I get paid?” or “How much holiday do I have?” can take a while through existing HR ticketing processes to respond. With the use of chatbots, those simple voice commands with an accurate and quick response provides a self-service convenience unmatched by any manual self-service software.

At the UKOUG, CFO, Duncan Casemore delivered the below presentation providing a high level overview of chatbots and AI, looking at how it will impact the user experience of employees and managers.

If you’d like to know more or if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch.

Duncan Casemore

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