Build your own custom processes in mobile using HTML5 tech from Applaud 2018-01-19T08:48:09+00:00

Build your own custom processes on mobile using HTML5 tech from Applaud

About this webinar

So you want a mobile solution that offers you complete integration with common HR processes but also want to extend and develop your own custom processes? All solutions from Applaud come with a comprehensive toolkit that let you extend our solution with your own custom views and processes. Screens you develop work across desktop, smartphone and tablet.

This webinar will explain the capabilities of our latest HTML5 release and provide a high level overview of the technical skills needed to deploy custom processes on mobile and desktop devices.

You’ll learn:

  • An overview of the capabilities of our HTML5 toolkit
  • Demo build of an example custom process
  • Review of skills needed to build custom screens
  • Walkthrough of the components of a custom screen

Join us – Tuesday January 10th 2017 at one of our two sessions. Space is limited so booking is essential.

We have two available timeslots:

10am GMT – (UK, Europe, Middle East)

Book for 10am GMT

4pm GMT – (West Coast USA, East Coast USA)

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