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Digitalize your HR function with chatbots for Oracle HCM

Go onto any major consumer website and you’ll likely see a tab marked ‘Live Chat’, enabling you to get information by having a conversation rather than picking up the phone. At the other end is often a ‘chatbot’ that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to interpret the conversation and provide automated responses. The benefits to the business are obvious – reduce the human cost on your service desk and drastically improve response times for simple queries.

Cloud-based Chatbot technology is starting to hit enterprise systems too. If Google can answer the question “What is the temperature in Birmingham?” why can’t an HR system answer “What is my holiday balance?” or “When will I next get paid?”

In this presentation, we’ll give a high-level overview of this new technology and a look at how Senryo and Applaud partner to deliver this technology into your Oracle HR System. Finally, we’ll conduct a live demo of this Cloud-based technology working on an Oracle E-Business Suite installation.

Join our webinar on Tuesday October 16th 2018 to learn more

10:00am PDT

About the companies

“We all know the effort and complexity of getting the information we want from our EBS applications, and we know the amount of training required to have staff effectively use Oracle EBS. The solution can be to move to the Cloud where Oracle HCM is easier to use. But that’s no solace for organizations that are not in a position to move from their on premises (or hosted non-cloud) environments.” says Senryo, our US Partner. 

“Senryo Technologies knows there is a better way for users to leverage their Oracle EBS applications. What’s more, Applaud gets it. The Applaud platform solves our Oracle EBS challenges. In front of Oracle HCM, Applaud provides an amazing Digital Transformation that substantially reduces the clunky permission selections, the myriad of drill down frames, and the navigation back and forth to get to what you need to know. Applaud knows the Oracle EBS platform well and the specifics of HCM intimately.”

Applaud simplifies Oracle HCM processes, by:

  • Providing an intuitive user graphic interface,
  • Designing with the user in mind,
  • Freeing up personnel to focus on value-add activities,
  • Increasing engagement, productivity, and teamwork,
  • Producing data that is easily available like you would expect it to be!
Applaud Solutions

Applaud is a company that delivers a platform with the sole purpose of creating engaging, compelling, and memorable employee experiences.

Senryo is a solutions integrator that has been in the business of implementing, upgrading, customizing, enhancing, and maintaining Oracle EBS, PeopleSoft and their associated solutions.

Together Applaud and Senryo can help quickly bring your organization through the Digital Transformation journey starting with your Oracle EBS HCM applications.