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Become a Partner
The Applaud partnership program is designed to provide organisations with the best possible support for their Applaud projects and is built on a win-win-win strategy that ensures that organisations actively seek out the most appropriate partner to work with whilst retaining the option to discuss their project directly with us

We have two partner levels…

Applaud Accredited Partner

Complete project life-cycle support from inception to delivery

Applaud Affiliate Partner

Your local certified Applaud sales representative

Apply to become an Applaud Partner

We are looking for partners with Oracle eBusiness experience that can provide sales process support, technical pre-sales, business analysis and implementation expertise within the Oracle eBusiness ecosystem.

You can either join us as an Affiliate and simply add Applaud to your Oracle eBusiness proposals in return for a Marketing Assistance Fee, or apply to be a fully Accredited partner selling and implementing our solution yourselves. In either case you will benefit from world class sales and technical support from our UK and Indian headquarters.

Contact us now by filling in the form and our partner manager will call you to discuss your application – you will be required to provide an overview of your business model, sales and technical consulting capabilities.

Note that our minimum requirement for an Accredited partnership is one accredited Sales Professional and two accredited Technical Consultants with a one-off on-boarding fee of $3000 required prior to the start of accreditation.

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