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We’ve prepared a selection of downloadable PDF datasheets which summarize each of our solutions in a handy letter-sized format.

Applaud Performance Datasheet

Applaud Performance: Improve quality of reviews, align workers with your company objectives, encourage collaboration and increase completion rates.

Applaud Recruiting Datasheet

Applaud Recruiting: Is your career site losing you applicants?

Improve Oracle iRecruitment for applicants and hiring managers with an enhanced user interface and mobile access

Watch your applicant numbers soar, your time to hire reduce and your recruitment costs tumble

Applaud Self Service Datasheet

Applaud Self-Service: Increase user adoption, data quality and credibility of your HR function with enhanced user experience for employees and managers.

Applaud Time and Payments Datasheet

Applaud Time & Payments: Optimize processes, cut costs and enhance user experience with mobile time entry

Still using paper processes and manual data entry for your non-desk

Applaud Suite Datasheet

Unlock the potential of your Oracle investment with enhanced user experience and efficiencies for your people

We use the cloud to enhance your existing Oracle systems without the need to rip and replace.