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Pre-built integration for Oracle HCM
The Applaud Cloud Oracle connector integrates seamlessly and understands your Oracle system top-to-bottom.

Personalization and branding

Our solutions have a rich personalization framework to allow you to brand the whole experience. Incorporate your brand and logo, colour match UI elements; hide & show fields; change prompts; add new data fields; display help text and more.

Applaud HTML 5 UIApplaud HTML5Applaud UI GreyApplaud UI
Applaud HTML 5 UIApplaud HTML5Applaud UI GreyApplaud UI

Your own welcome screen

Once your users have logged on, they can land at a welcome page that can embed HTML to display images, logos and RSS news feeds.

Use the welcome page to announce new initiatives like appraisal periods; changes of policy; useful links to HR documentation; links to employee surveys.

Your brand – everywhere…

Change the colour of UI components to ensure your new desktop and mobile experience complements your corporate brand. You can even tailor the mobile login screen to introduce your logo and introductory text.

With a wealth of theming options; whatever you need, we’ve got your brand’s back.

Custom views; you choose

Using Applaud technology, you can create your own read only views of any data held within Oracle and push to your mobile and tablet app, with simple configuration. If you can retrieve data from Oracle HR using SQL, you can show it in the app; even data from custom tables.

All done via config and some simple SQL

What’s more, all personalization is done within Oracle configuration and then pushed out across all devices.


Our solutions have a been developed for a global audience. Right to left language support, UI mirroring and translation are all supported.

Applaud has great support for Arabic and RTL languages

Arabic Support

Our Desktop and Mobile solutions have outstanding support for Arabic users. All versions display the Arabic character text but we also support right-to-left typing and right-to-left display.

When users choose Arabic language, the complete display mirrors automatically, including animations, button layout and text rendering.

Arabic support for Tablet users – coming soon.


Our solutions support multiple language installations, with users selecting their language choice upon login. Our software displays data based on Oracle’s translation tables. So if you’ve already translated some data or flexfield prompts, these translations will display automatically in desktop, mobile and tablet.

Any text you see within Applaud screens can easily have a translation entered, either using messages, menus or functions, in order for you to enable a multi-lingual solution.

Multi Business Groups

Applaud lets you access your entire workforce across all countries within a single interface. No changing responsibilities to view people in different Business Groups, just search for the person and, if you have access to them, they’ll appear.

Localized data, including legislative flexfields and different name format, is respected and supported. Different personalizations can be layered into different business groups too; tailor the solution for different countries.

Global Features

Applaud can transform your users’ perception of your system. Here are some more features you get as standard.

Applaud transforms the Oracle E-Business Suite user experience on tablet as well as desktop


All of our processes allow users to include multiple documents or photos, such as medical certificates to support a period of sickness or an official government letter to support a visa request. Attachments are available to view as part of the approval process and then saved into Oracle for retrieval by administrators.

On mobile devices, users can upload a photo or take a picture using the device camera. You can also make it mandatory to upload an attachment, saving administrative cost of returning requests that have been submitted without the necessary documentary evidence.

Powerful search functionality

Every Applaud product comes with a facility that allows you to search and filter for people based on any information held against their HR Record, including  their department, location, skills, qualifications and more.

Want to change the search so you can find people based on a custom flexfield or some other segment of information? No problem, simple configuration lets you search on any field within Oracle. Configure sensitive data fields, like grade or performance rating, to be secured for Administrators and Managers.

Data Visualization & BI

Think you need Cloud HCM to get embedded analytics? Think again.

Applaud allows you to configure regions and embed charts from Google’s Charts Library –  visualizing data pulled real time from your HR tables.

Achieve beautiful Business Intelligence for Managers and Employees without any expensive new Cloud software or middleware.

Endeca style power without the licence costs.

If you are considering Oracle's Endeca offering as a way to search for workers within your enterprise, stop now. Applaud offers the same features at a fraction of the cost and without the need of more expensive middleware or servers.
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Interoperability with existing Oracle setup

You’ve spent time and money configuring Oracle to meet your requirements and don’t want to change your business processes. That’s why Applaud re-uses your setup like AME rules, flexfields, user hook validation and more.

Oracle Constructs

Built exclusively for Oracle E-Business Suite using technology you already have.


Flexfield Support

Full support for key & descriptive flexfields, value sets, lookups and more.


User Hooks

Our apps call your user hooks from smartphone, tablet or desktop.


AME Integration

Generate approver lists based on your existing AME rules.


Oracle Workflow

We support your custom workflows along with standard Oracle ones.


Roles Based Security

Next generation security for a next generation product.


Spend time enjoying our apps, not re-configuring Oracle.

Easier to Navigate

Applaud simple navigator for Oracle E-Business Suite

Your new simple navigator

The most unpopular screen in Oracle E-Business Suite? Customers tell us it’s the standard Oracle menu navigator.

Applaud delivers a new landing page that users directly access after logging in (12.1+ only – optional configuration). From here you can set up user friendly icons to redirect users to the correct Oracle page or to pages on your intranet. And it’s based on RBAC so there’s none of that swapping responsibilities to search for that hard to find menu option.

Drill to Person Form

From Applaud screens, you can also navigate to the Enter and Maintain form within the Administrator screens. More, the form will default the person direct from Applaud with an appropriate effective date, meaning administrators can start to use Applaud as their new way to find people.

Applaud search spans business groups, can find contractors, ex-employees and future hires without the need of date tracking back and forward, resulting in a huge productivity leap for your administrators that look after workers in multiple countries.

Multiple Assignment Support

If you have workers with multiple assignments, then we have full support for you. Within the worker’s profile, simply select which assignment you want to work with and screens will automatically show assignment related data and work in the context of a particular assignment.

Supervisor assignments are also supported, meaning if you use our Org Chart, your managers can finally get a complete view of your reporting relationships in an easy to use graphical chart.

Technical Features

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