The importance of User Experience for Enterprise HCM Applications

//The importance of User Experience for Enterprise HCM Applications

The importance of User Experience for Enterprise HCM Applications

Our Partners over at Claremont have recently published this excellent piece on the importance of user experience for enterprise HCM applications, specifically referencing Applaud’s impact on Oracle mobile HCM. It was subsequently featured in Oracle Scene.

“Modern consumer applications are engaging and easy to use. Leading brands like Facebook and Uber devote huge budgets to ensuring their user experience out-rivals competitor apps and meets customer demand.

If these applications fail to innovate their user experience continually, they risk losing consumers – and with them, revenue. The battle to create the most attractive, intuitive app has raised the user experience bar.

At home, a user is a consumer; at work, he or she is an employee – and their expectations, when it comes to the usability of technology, are no different in the workplace than anywhere else.

New technologies for improved UX

One way to improve the user experience, and therefore, the user engagement, is through specialised software, which sits on top of Oracle E-Business Suite applications.

By way of example, Applaud Solutions works in this way to add a modern, fresh and intuitive user interface to Oracle E-Business Suite. This is complemented by native mobile and tablet applications.

The National Trust has taken this approach and seen significant improvements in user adoption of their Oracle HCM applications. They have seen a 100% increase in logged annual leave and over 47% increase in logged sick leave – the business now has much more, and better quality, information at its disposal.

This 360-degree view of staff has empowered The National Trust to improve operations, boost employee engagement and empower management to support employees. More data means smarter business decisions.

For those organisations who are looking to optimise Oracle E-Business Suite, Applaud Solutions is a great way to do this.”

You can read the full article here on the Claremont Website.

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