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Applaud pre-built HCM apps

Pre-made employee experiences

Get tomorrow’s HCM applications connected to your existing Oracle backend. Avoid the costly disruption of a rip/replace; be future-proofed when you do change.

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Applaud Self Service


Digitize processes and increase engagement, productivity and teamwork

Support your digital transformation and free HR for value-added work. Applaud Self Service HR provides simplified 24×7 access to your people services across multiple channels.
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Applaud Recruiting


Engage candidates with a multi-channel experience that attracts talent, strengthens your employer brand and boosts applicant numbers

Attract, recruit and retain the best talent whilst reducing your time-to-hire and recruitment costs.
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Applaud Performance


Motivate your employees, retain top talent and achieve better results

Improve quality of reviews, align workers with your company objectives, encourage collaboration and increase completion rates.
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Applaud Time & Payments


Improve productivity and automate processes with Applaud Time & Payments

Multi-channel time-tracking for employees, managers and time administrators.
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Seamless Integration

Applaud Cloud’s Oracle Integration is an Oracle-Validated Solution that understands your system top-to-bottom.

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Explore 300 features you get with our pre-made applications that you don’t get in standard Oracle.

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Rapid Deployment

Deliver engaging employee experiences without the costly disruption of a rip/replace.

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If you rip and replace in the future, use our pre-made experiences with connectors for other enterprise backends.

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Save money. Optimize your business processes.

From implementing Applaud, National Trust have seen KPI improvements across the board

National Trust
  • 90% increase in applications over 2 years

  • 44% increase in logged sick leave

  • 183% increase in candidates visiting job site

  • 12% increase in vacancy creation on the intranet

  • The average time to respond and manage a vacancy went down from 4-5 days to 1-2 days

  • Job applications via mobile devices increased by 1300%

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National Trust Oracle HR by Applaud Solutions

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