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Applaud Integration

Build experiences that combine data from multiple enterprise systems

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Applaud 360 degree view from any data source

Bring all your employee data into a unified 360-degree view for your workforce – even data from legacy and on-premise systems.

Create an integrated, personalized and branded experience that delights employees, improves productivity and frees HR to focus on value-added tasks.

Connect in real-time

Use data from multiple external data sources with any application built on Applaud Cloud Platform. Instead of spending months integrating legacy systems, you can easily connect data in real-time and incorporate that  into next-generation experiences.

Public API catalogue

All applications you build automatically create a consistent set of REST APIs and publish to unified enterprise API Catalog. Allow your internal and external customers to consume these APIs from other applications, products, devices and even wearable technology.

Pre-built integration for Oracle HCM

Get tomorrow’s HCM applications connected seamlessly to your existing Oracle systems. Avoid the costly disruption of a rip/replace; be future-proofed if you do change.

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Models at the core

Discover and design

Discover and design

Build models and relationships that reflect your existing data structures.



Connect models securely and in real-time to existing back-end enterprise systems.



Automatically generate RESTful APIs for your models and get a unified enterpise API Catalog that your internal and external customers can consume.



Manage access policies on models using roles-based access control and simplify security without compromising data access.

Test. Run. Deploy.

Test. Run. Publish.

Test and deploy your applications and then publish to multiple channels so your employees can access using any device from anywhere.

Applaud Cloud Platform from $1 per user per month

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