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Applaud Studio is how to build custom mobile apps for Oracle E-Business Suite

Reach your global workforce locally with translation, localization and internationalization

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Applaud Cloud Platform helps you extend your global reach by delivering translations in multiple languages. It also supports regional date and number preferences, writing directions and alternative calendars, such as Hijri.

Applaud Internationalization

Automatic Translation

Applaud deliver translations for multiple languages for all its pre-made HCM experiences.

All your own configuration is automatically translated using Applaud Cloud’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered machine translation, which boasts near-human accuracy.

Arabic Localization

Layout mirroring (right-to-left) with bidirectional text works automatically on all devices and platforms.

Alternative calendar support for the Hijri calendar is available to all Arabic users and can be used alongside the Gregorian calendar to seamlessly work between calendaring systems.  Organizations can adjust the deviations to help ensure a consistent experience across business workflows.

Applaud Cloud Platform from $1 per user per month

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