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Consumer-grade technology for the world of work

Bringing the worlds of consumer and employee technology closer together

The Applaud HR platform gives employees the same exceptional technology experiences at work as they expect in their everyday life, as consumers. Connecting to your current systems, Applaud eradicates the limitations of your existing HR software positively impacting employee experiences, daily productivity and organizational performance.

Ever-increasing consumer expectations

Ever-increasing consumer expectations

People have high expectations as consumers; better experiences, better service, more recognition, more respect. Those standards shouldn’t fall when the same consumers step into the world of work. And yet, they’re forced to.

Your employees are your greatest customer

Your employees are your greatest customer

Employees should enjoy the same amazing standards and experiences from technology at work as they do as consumers. Yet instead, they’re faced with frustrations, limitations and compromises. Your employees are worth more.

The HR platform that brings consumer-grade experiences to your current HR systems

The Applaud HR platform gives desirable functionality, design and usability to your existing HR software with applications that can be extended or personalized to your users and your organization. With a no-code approach, applications can be built easily, allowing you to adapt to changing employee expectations faster than ever.

A selection of the possibilities with the Applaud HR platform


Automate business processes whilst engaging and empowering employees with easy, always-on access to HR services, from salary changes to payslips to leave entitlement, and so much more.

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Attract, recruit and retain the best people by giving exceptional candidate and hiring manager experiences, whilst reducing your recruitment costs.

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Personalized performance plans, reviews and anytime feedback, motivating employees, improving productivity, and enabling organizations to get the best out of your teams.

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Time Tracking

Fast, easy, on-the-go time tracking to increase employee productivity with purpose-built dashboards, giving managers the insight to make smart planning decisions.

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Build your own

Build your own applications and empower your IT teams to personalize experiences with our code-free visual designer. All you need to flawlessly create pages that work across all devices and platforms.

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HR technology experiences that impact your people, productivity and performance

Gives power and
control to employees

with anytime, anywhere access to HR services

Births a new
breed of HR

who recognize the opportunity presented by innovative HR technology.

Takes HR to
the top table

with the data, insight and tools to influence HR and business performance.


Negative HR experiences limit Barnado’s positive impact

Barnado’s strive to donate as much as possible to their front-line work with children, so needed HR systems that increase efficiency and empower people across the organization.

Transforming current systems without costly disruption

Applaud integrated with Barnado’s existing Oracle ERP system, transforming the HR experience with a focus on data quality, mobile adoption, and self-service.

Engaged employees and improved performance

All 8,000 employees and 22,000 volunteers can now manage and control their data quickly and easily across any device, increasing workplace efficiency.

National Trust

The compromise of current systems

As a business built on its people, The National Trust needed a HR system that would empower its 12,000 employees, not limit them with complex, inaccessible, disjointed experiences.

Transforming systems to power people

Connecting to their current system, Oracle MYplace, Applaud maximized their initial investment, transforming experiences across the full HR journey, from recruitment to self-service.

Engaged employees, candidates and managers

Delivered a ROI within the first year, increased the number of candidates applying for jobs, reduced the time for hire and won a nationwide award.

Advantage Solutions

The struggle with existing systems

The struggle with existing systems Advantage Solutions used Oracle E-Business Suite across their HR functions, but employees and managers struggled without mobile access and found the experience complex and confusing.

User experiences built around employees

Applaud integrated with Oracle, transforming the user interface, whilst opening up additional advanced functionality and mobile access.

Everyday simplicity, long-term impact

Advantage Solutions now have technology experiences that meet the expectations of employees and a single, holistic view of the organization.

Integrating with your current HR software

Applaud works with the existing systems you have in place such as Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle HCM Cloud, Oracle Taleo and SAP, transforming them into the type of experiences your employees deserve.

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