Revolutionize the way you work with time and absence in Oracle E-Business Suite

//Revolutionize the way you work with time and absence in Oracle E-Business Suite

Revolutionize the way you work with time and absence in Oracle E-Business Suite

Every month we release new features for our customers but every so often a big new chunk of functionality comes along that we want to shout a little louder about.  I’m pleased to announce our development team are about to release some significant functionality that we think will revolutionize the way you work with time and absence in Oracle E-Business Suite and even surpasses comparable functionality delivered by the leading HCM SaaS solutions.

Why absence often comes first

Recording and approving absence is one of the first processes organizations deploy into Self Service. Unlike updating personal information or employment details, it’s a high touch process that most workers will use multiple times per year. Moving to absence booking online can remove an administration burden on managers tracking absences locally; give visibility about sickness in the organization; reduce calls into the HR team to obtain vacation balance information; give easy access to policy information online.

Deploying absence recording on mobile goes one step further and gives non-office based workers the same efficiencies as their desk bound colleagues.

New features 

We’ve had robust desktop and mobile absence functionality for some time but now we’re really upping our game with a host of new features including:

  • Manager calendar to see availability of team
  • Employee calendar to see when your colleagues are off
  • Book and approve leave from the calendar
  • Drag and drop updates
  • Advanced search and filter functions for absence
  • Display public holidays and company events alongside absence
  • Mass entry and approval
  • New set of absence dashboards

Our Absence page will make your heart grow fonder

Our new calendar is our most advanced HTML5 component we’ve released so far and brings tools to help supervisors manage absence more effectively and efficiently.

Here’s a taster of a couple of views that are available to managers. The first view is a view of availability across the team. Useful if you need to scan your eye down particular days or periods to see who’s available during busy periods.

The second view shows the same information on a monthly calendar; a great way for managers to quickly check availability of the team in a single month.

There’s plenty of other views as well, including: daily or annual views; a list view; a team view for employees; simplified views optimized for use on smartphones.

The new pages are packed with new features. You can book time or absence direct from the calendar; update or move absences and time by dragging and dropping; mass approve; filter, sort and search for absences by type, status, category and more.

Don’t forget the Time

If absence is considered ‘high touch’, then time recording is ‘highest touch’. Customers that require their employees to enter timecards will find users logging on weekly or even daily to record their time spent at work.

A good time entry system should facilitate fast entry & rapid approval along with strong visuals to support decision making and validation. A powerful but easy to use system is essential for accurate recording and approvals which will help avoid costly payroll errors and retro-pay headaches.

Despite the fact that absence (time away from work) and time entry (time spent working) are both concerned with an employee’s attendance, Oracle E-Business Suite has always stored both bits of information in different places; absence in one set of screens and time entry in another. It’s also very common for customers to store absence in Oracle and then time recording in a 3rd party time entry system like Kronos, splitting availability information across multiple systems. Both approaches make it difficult for a manager to get a complete view of team availability.

Never before has there been a calendar based product for Oracle E-Business Suite which can handle both absences and timecards at the same time. Until now.

Our new calendar introduces the ability to view absences and time entry in one single place, allowing a manager to have a complete view of attendance in a single page. And if you don’t store time in Oracle, you can easily import time data into our tables to display in our calendar.

This is the most complete view of your workforce attendance that you may ever see.

Viewing time on a calendar delivers good screenshots but what managers will particularly appreciate are the tools that help them enter and approve time faster. The new pages deliver ways for managers to enter time for the whole team in a single page; approve all time in one click; roll-up stats to see who’s got time pending approval or who hasn’t entered time and more.

Manager + Dashboards = 🙂

We are now starting to use Applaud Studio to deliver out of the box dashboards for managers and our first release will be to complement our new Absence and Time pages with some useful stats that will support supervisors managing availability.

The dashboards will deliver useful information like seeing which workers have most unused vacation to take; checking sickness rates in the team using established algorithms such as the Bradford Factor; a quick view of timecard status across the team. Seeing availability on a calendar is one thing, delivering intelligence is another – our new dashboards will give managers much needed support in taking proactive action when dealing with absence and time.

Want to learn more?

Our new time and absence functionality is as good, if not better, than anything you’ll find in Cloud HCM. This delivery reinforces our message that by leveraging UXaaS, Oracle E-Business System customers can enjoy advanced features with a modern user experience without disruption, without having to ‘rip & replace’ and without losing any control.

We have developed the new functionality from the ground up, taking into account the wealth of experience in our team. We can’t wait to show it off and so have a webinar scheduled for September 12th to give you a more detailed overview of the solution accompanied by a live demo on desktop and mobile.

If you’d like to learn more, please register here.

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